how to move with pets

How to Move with Pets: Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends!

Anyone who has been through a big move will attest: moving is stressful on ourselves and our families. But are you aware of how stressful moving is for your furry friends?

There are lots of details to keep in mind beyond simply packing up all of your belongings, like figuring out how to navigate a new city and preparing for your kids to switch schools. No doubt about it, moving comes with so many details to keep track of, Fido and Fifi may get overlooked in the shuffle.

Yet, all it takes is an open door on moving day to cause stress and heartbreak. Minimizing the stress of moving on your pets also helps prevent accidents and mishaps in a brand new space. Just as moving is stressful for humans, it’s extra stressful for animals because they don’t understand what’s happening and can’t mentally prepare for a new space.

At LifeMoves LLC, we love to look for ways to make your moving day simple, easy and stress-free. While we’ll help you organize your home and coordinate your move, prevent any added concerns by preparing and planning for your fur-babies before the big day. Explore these tips for making your move as easy as possible for your pets.

Home Organizing: The Gift She Really Wants This Christmas

We’ve all leafed through books and articles promising the perfect, stress-free life, if only we could simplify and organize our space.

We’ve worked to cultivate, curate and acquire our dream house. But getting it to the picture-perfect clutter-free dream home we see photographed in our favorite decorating magazines is no small feat!

You see, acquiring “the look” isn’t the problem–that’s simply a matter of selecting the right furniture, artwork and decor. The problem is, “life” gets in the way…and sometimes life gets overwhelming! Facing a home full of memories, it’s hard to know what, when and how to let it go.

Organizing requires time, the motivation and yes, emotional strength! It’s not a job to attempt alone.

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